15 Jun 2016

Synchronicity and its workings in our lives

As we traverse through our daily lives, we encounter people, experience events, and observe our surrounding. These may simply occur without any significance for us as we get used in the dryness of our everyday routine. But as we place more effort to be aware at some level of our surroundings and our encounters, a simple coincidence will turn to synchronized events.

Paulo Coelho, one my favorite authors, wrote in his book "The Alchemist"

"when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"

In my experience this is particularly true when the "want" is in accord with the holistic good workings in this world. Despite knowing and truly wanting to achieve this goal in life, failures, setbacks, and detours inevitably happened along the way. I got frustrated, depressed and almost gave up on this search for the land.  I always thought that having a "good" or "decent" goal in life is sufficient to have some sense of existence. I realized that this "help" or "guidance" coming from the universe or from anybody may not always be positive in our experience. You may have forgotten to bring your homework and then went back home to get it and as you go to school, an accident has already occurred just minutes before. If you had not forgotten that homework, you may have been part of the accident. There are many cases similar to this occurring to many people. We always interpret these negative experiences as a way of nature to antagonize us but this is not so.

Looking back to our search for the land and trying to start a family homestead, there were many instances when I had to start from scratch again.  I spent at least 9 months looking for land in the southern part of Hokkaido. Assabu, Nanae, Kami-no-Kuni, Mori, Shikabe, Hakodate- these are just some of the towns I looked into. There is a vast difference among towns as to how the local folks relate to outsiders. Some were very kind and welcoming while most are suspicious of outsiders. There was this one  old guy who was very helpful and he was excited that there was this new young guy trying to look for land in their area. He guided through all the lands that he thought was for sale and we actually almost decided on one. It was quite strange that whenever we almost come to a decision on a land, there was always something that stops us from buying the land. Usually, there is a problem with the owner of the land, the land is mortgaged at a high interest rate, the owner passed away without properly passing down the land, the owner is missing, and the list goes on and on. 

An abandoned land in Assabu area due to unpaid loans

Another abandoned land in Kami-no-Kuni due to unpaid loans

As I was going through all the rejections and failures, I thought that maybe this is not where I should be looking into. So, I went East, to Tokachi area. I was again met with disappointment as the feeling of the area did not fit with what I envision. I went farther north to the Kamikawa Area. The scenery was beautiful with the rolling grassed hills and the Tokachi Mountains peeking through the hills- it was stunning. I again almost decided on a piece of land in that area. As we were about to finalize the deal, a neighboring farmer passed by and talked to us. He mentioned about the widespread heavy pesticide use in that area and I did NOT want to raise my future family in that kind of area. So, again, I am back to zero. 

Previous prospective land in Kami-furano with a great view of the Tokachi mountains but surrounding farmers use heavy dosage of chemicals

Previous prospective land in Northern Hokkaido but the surrounding farms use heavy dosage of chemicals

I contemplated again and decided to look again in Southern Hokkaido. I heard somewhere before that only the wisest turn the same stone twice but in this case it seemed foolish, for the search ended in failure. At this point, instead of considering the place, I was already thinking that what I am doing may be wrong. This may not be the purpose that I must do in life. I was slowly letting go of the ropes and give up and that was when my father flipped his laptop then searched again. He then told me to look in this land for sale just posted two weeks ago. The land is near the city but just far away enough in the quiet mountains, a river flowing beside it, just right size of the area, tractor and excavator included, and just EXACTLY within our budget! The farmer has not tilled the land for quite a while and decided to sell the land this year.

We went immediately to the area and I fell in love instantly with the land. It was just how I imagined it to be and it came with all the goodies that a single person needs to start growing food. At this point everything went very smoothly. The land had a clean title, the owner gave us a hefty discount, and there were no hiccups during the exchange of title.

I am still now in a state of amazement as to how things unfolded in front of me subtly at first then suddenly boldly revealing how everything came to this point. All those disappointments, failures, depressions, and frustrations were simply reminders or as how "The Alchemist" say "omens." I almost mistook these obstacles as a warning to stop pursuing what I need to pursue when in reality, I was being led to a better path. Each disappointments and failures were essential to meld together all events to reach this present state. Everything was synchronized as we try to find our land for our family homestead. If only I had been more alert and conscious of the reminders or omens being laid upon me, I would have avoided the frustrations and negative emotions but I cannot be thankful enough that the guidance remained even with my initial negligence.

To put icing on the cake, the community nearby called Miruto, has an active community that tries to attract more people to come to their town. I met a few of the townsfolk and they were just lovely and happy. A community welcome to changes and new innovations is a rare find in the countryside.

So what's going to happen from now on our land? Exciting stuff. Lots of exciting stuff.

"Whatever you seek, pilgrim, you are already carrying with you. You keep losing it with every step you take, and are finding nothing new."
 -Parable of Two Brothers, Anastasia